To Have

To have someone you miss the moment they drive away.

To have someone who enhances your life like great wine.

To have someone who makes you believe in dreams.

To have someone who makes you laugh when you’re crabby.

To have someone who nurtures the secret places inside.

To have someone who delivers on promises made.

To have someone who lights the fire in your heart.

To have someone who has your best interests at heart.

To have someone to share the butterflies of wishes.

To have someone love you like he created you

is a truly life changing something.


Life in Snow

Coming and going

all while its snowing.

Blissful or blowing

our footsteps are showing.


Against the cold

our coats we hold

before growing old

we venture to be bold.


Our time on this Earth

is measured by worth:

The footsteps of birth

and to those we give mirth.


Today's prompt was the photograph of a snow-covered city street/sidewalk.

Rage Against Grief

On the first day of grief, I raged against the storm,

like a mighty oak

with arms outstretched, flailing,

boxing with God.

The storm ripped branches off

flung them about like twigs,

scattering the broken pieces of me

and left me uprooted.

On the second day of grief, I raged against the storm,

like a solid door shut tight.

The wrath rattling my hinges,

I braced against the torrents.

The storm ripped the door from its mooring

as it sailed the sky like a schooner

until it landed in someone’s house

frightening sleeping children.

On the third day of grief, I danced with the storm

like a weeping willow

with arms outstretched, like the hula

telling a story of love.

The storm stripped a few leaves

casting them about like confetti

at a parade for my loved one

leaving only a trail of tears.

On the fourth day of grief, I opened to the storm

like a screen door

allowing it to blow through me

leaving my hinges in tact.

The storm blew through and through

rearranging a few things here and there

doing no damage,  but leaving me cleansed and

happy to have loved like that.



Mother’s Desire

I wish I could’ve learned to love like you,
free from shards of fear imbedded in your heart
floating freely like an angel with wings of silver light.

I wish I could’ve learned to laugh like you,
straight from your belly coming out your eyes
flitting on the air like butterflies mating.

I wish I could’ve learned to walk like you,
head up and back straight,
immeasurable power resonating with each step you take.

I wish I could’ve learned to dance like you,
incorporating any mistakes as unique-to-you movements,
and gliding across the entire floor like you own it.

I wish I could’ve learned to live like you,
casting aside judgements and shame as rubbish
strewn alongside the road.

I wish I could’ve learned to Be like you.
It is every mother’s desire for her daughter
to surpass her.

Well done.

Lies Upon Lies

Since the day the stork delivered you,

Santa brought presents,

the Easter Bunny brought candy,

and Presidents speaking of weapons of mass destruction

put the check in the mail.


She said, “Let’s do lunch.”

He said, “I’d never hurt you.”

I promise you,

I have no idea what you are talking about, 

but I’ll call you.



When I exhale-

I exhale an old version of myself.

I release all that you say I

no longer need.

I breathe out the judgement of others

that I wore like a cloak.

I excrete the foul stench

of self-disdain.

I reject the flawed perceptions

assigned me.


When I inhale-

I inhale you.

I take in all you give to me

and cherish it.

I breathe in the acceptance

you surround me with.

I absorb all the delicious aroma

you adorn me in.

I accept my reflection is

beautiful in your eyes.